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Shambwaditya Ghosh

University of Delhi

PhD Scholar

Country: India

ITP Year: 2012


Shambwaditya is passionate about ancient history and archaeology and is fascinated by discovering how people lived and how society developed thousands of years ago, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture they have left behind. His long term goal is to popularize archaeology within museums. He is currently studying for an MPhil in History from the School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University, Delhi and his research topic tile is: Archaeology and understanding the past in Bengal: Language, Culture and Politics 1870-1920.

When Shambwaditya came on the ITP he was an archivist for EKA Cultural Resources & Research, New Delhi. In 2013 he became the Programme and Research Coordinator at Sahapedia (Online Encyclopaedia of Indian History, Culture and Art) (India). In 2015 Shambwaditya became an Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Pearl Academy in Delhi before returning to studying.

Shambwaditya has prepared exhibition proposals and concepts for Chatrapati Shivali Maharaj Vastu Samgrahalaya and co-curated an exhibition for India International Center, New Delhi in collaboration with Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi, Centre for Community Knowledge, Ambedkar University, Delhi and Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France.

In 2018 Shambwaditya presented the following papers: Historical Interpretations and Representations: A museographical Study of the Stein Collection in ‘Contemporary Practices of History’ at the University of Delhi; Contemporary urban landscapes and heritage gardens: the case of Sundar Nursery in Delhi at the annual conference of International Geographical at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; and Archaeological Interpretation: Assertion of Language and Politics in Bengal in Early Nineteenth Century at the all Indian History Summit at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2012, Shambwaditya was based in the Asia Department and his partner placement was spent at The Collection: Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire and Nottingham University Museum.

Shambwaditya’s exhibition project proposal was entitled Mithras: Cult and Mysteries.

Legacy Projects
Shambwaditya was Senior Fellow for the 2015 summer programme. He supported the ITP team in the build up to, during and after the Summer Programme, attended by 24 museum professionals from 14 countries.

In November 2015 Shambwaditya attended the ITP Mumbai Workshop Creating Museums of World Stories. The workshop was held at CSMVS and was attended by many ITP fellows from different years and countries, UK partners and British Museum Colleagues.

ITP Newsletter Publications
ITP Newsletter Issue 1 (2013), Museum profiles: National Handicrafts Design Gallery & Museum, Delhi, India
ITP Newsletter Issue 2 (2015), Museum profiles: Time, Space, Direction: Diversities in Cognitive Approach
ITP Newsletter Issue 4 (2016), Speaking the unspeakable: how can museums address contested histories, and support processes of reconciliation? Sites of conscience, memories of disaster
ITP Newsletter Issue 8 (2021) Home and the world