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Bilwa Kulkarni

Museum of Solutions

Education and Program Coordinator (Consultant)

Country: India

ITP Year: 2015


Bilwa Kulkarni is currently working for a new upcoming children’s museum in Mumbai called the Museum of Solutions, a JSW initiative. Inspired by the UNSDGs this is a unique space where children are encouraged to find solutions to problems of the world, and through exhibits, workshops and interactions with industry partners be inspired, enabled and empowered to make meaningful change in the world together, today. Bilwa is in-charge of the educational programming and outreach co-ordination at MuSo, where she is currently working on carving out a learning model for programming, designing educational engagements as well as exhibits.

Bilwa worked for CSMVS Mumbai from 2010 to 2020. She has been involved in many areas of museum management, though her focus remains on education. Her role as Assistant Curator of Education was to develop robust educational programmes to support children’s learning needs as well as their creative interests, facilitate training for educators and caregivers, co-ordinating academic and cultural events at the Museum. Beyond museum education, she is interested in interpretation and museum communication.

Since the ITP, Bilwa has been involved in new in-house initiatives, including new exhibitions, the upgrade of the syllabus for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Museology coursed conducted by the museum, the operations and programming of the Museum on Wheels, the conception and creation of a new Children’s Museum wing at the CSMVS and the acquisition of a new children’s art collection. She was part of the team working to prepare the 2017-18 exhibition India and the World: A History in Nine Stories, which is a collaboration between CSMVS, the British Museum and the National Museum, New Delhi.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme in 2015, Bilwa was based in the Department of Asia. Her UK Partner placement was spent with Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.

In 2015 each participant was asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition based on the physical space and concept of the Asahi Shimbun Displays in Room 3 at the British Museum.  Bilwa’s exhibition project proposal was entitled Sakyamuni Buddha: The Icon of Gandhar.

Bilwa’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by Steven Larcombe and Sonya Leydecker.

Legacy Projects
Bilwa attended the ITP 10th anniversary workshop Creating museums of world stories organised by the British Museum and CSMVS Mumbai in 2015. The event was attended by many ITP fellows from different years and countries, UK partners and British Museum colleagues.

In 2019, Bilwa co-organised and took part in the ITP+ Course on Museums and Education held at CSMVS Mumbai which focused on the vital role museums can play in education, learning and social development. The workshop was attended by ITP fellows from Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe as well as UK partners and British Museum colleagues.

Bilwa was Senior Fellow (e-Learning) for the 2021 annual programme. She supported the ITP team in the build up to, during and after the e-programme attended online by 21 museum professionals from 18 countries.

Bilwa is also a member of the ITP Advisory Board.