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Mohamed Mokhtar

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC)

Senior Curator

Country: Egypt

ITP Year: 2015


Mohamed works as a Senior Curator at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo. His previous role was as a Curator at Abdeen Palace Museum, and before this he was Technical Officer for the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt, where his work focused on organising temporary exhibitions. In 2016, he was involved in the preparation of the Repatriated Objects exhibition at the Egyptian Museum, which contained around 300 objects from more than seven countries, including the UK, USA, France and South Africa. He was responsible for all printed material related to the exhibition.

Mohamed was previously Temporary Exhibition Coordinator at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, where he was involved with the museum from its initial stages. He was involved with the process of selecting scientific committee members to write exhibition proposals, and in selecting objects for the museum. He then supervised the work on the museum’s Egyptian Handicrafts gallery.

Mohamed participated in Abdeen Palace Museums’ marketing campaign and succeed to make a deal with the Head of the Governmental oil companies PR department to sell 50 thousand prepaid tickets for Abdeen Palace Museums for half a million Egyptian Pounds. He is currently developing Museum’s exhibitions based on his experience from the ITP summer programme.

In 2019 Mohamed completed a Masters degree in Heritage Conservation and Cultural Heritage from Helwan University in Cairo.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2015, Mohamed was based in the British Museum’s Department of Egypt and Sudan. His UK Partner placement was spent at Manchester Museum and Manchester Art Gallery.

In 2015 participants were asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition based on the physical space and concept of the Asahi Shimbun Displays in Room 3 at the British Museum.  Mohamed‘s exhibition project proposal was entitled Shaping Lives: Mud brick craft in Ancient Egypt.

Mohamed’s place on the International Training Programme 2015 was generously supported Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust.

Legacy Projects
In November 2015 Mohamed attended the ITP Mumbai Workshop, Creating Museums of World Stories. The workshop was held at CSMVS and was attended by many ITP fellows from different years and countries, UK partners and British Museum Colleagues.

In October 2018 Mohamed attended the ITP+ Course on Interpretation in Aswan. Fellows and colleagues from Egypt, Sudan and around the world listened to interpretation case studies and participated in project work, sessions on label & panel writing and panel discussions on audience surveys and evaluations. The course was hosted by the Nubia Museum.

Mohamed was the Senior Fellow for the 2019 summer programme. He supported the ITP team in the build up to, during and after the Summer Programme, attended by 23 museum professionals from 16 countries. Following on from this Mohamed also took on the role of guest editor of the 2020 ITP newsletter.

ITP Newsletter Publications
ITP Newsletter Issue 6 (2019), Your collection in focus: An old form of password protection!
ITP Newsletter Issue 7 (2020), Engaging with our audiences: Museum Audiences in Egypt