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Fatih Yucel

Sabanci University

PhD student & teaching fellow

Country: Turkey

ITP Year: 2014


After completing his undergraduate studies in Economics in Galatasaray Üniversity Istanbul, Fatih began his MA in History at Istanbul Bilgi University. Fatih is now working on a Phd at Sabanci University.

Throughout his studies Fatih has worked on many projects including taking an internship at Topkapi Palace on architecture, structure and history of medieval buildings and pre-modern and ancient cities. Fatih has edited books in Ottoman and Persian language/script and Arabic manuscripts and archive documents are of interest to him. When Fatih joined the ITP he was working on a project at Bilgi University, creating a virtual reconstruction of Asia-Minor monuments including the temple of Artemis, the Harpy Tomb, the Lion Tomb, the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos and the Nereid Monument.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2014, Fatih was based in the Greece & Rome Department and his partner placement was spent at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums.

In 2014 participants were asked to prepare a project outlining an exhibition proposal based on the Asahi Shimbun Displays – a temporary exhibition in Room 3 at the British Museum. Fatih’s exhibition project proposal was entitled Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and John Turtle Wood.

Fatih’s place on the programme was generously supported by Thomas Neurath; Thames & Hudson.