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Omar Ahmed Mohammed Abou Zaid

Aswan University

Associate Professor, Vice Dean of Faculty of Archaeology for Students Affairs,

Country: Egypt

ITP Year: 2007


As an Associate Professor, Omar is responsible for managing educational processes, exams, alumni, and leading training at Aswan University.

He has previously held the roles of Manager of Information Technology (IT) in the Faculty of Archaeology, and Vice-Dean in the Faculty of Archaeology for Community Services and Environmental Development, as well as Assistant Professor for the Department of Egyptology, in the Faculty of Archaeology.

Museology was one of the main subjects that Omar taught. Each year, his students conducted field work on display and museum management, working with the Nubia Museum and Nile Museum in Aswan. Omar has participated in excavations as a site supervisor, and was part of a 6 month training programme with the American Research Center in Cairo about site management. His recent areas of research have included a book on the Site Management Plan for Medinet Habu Temple; and articles about the relocation of Qurna people.

In 2018, Omar produced a management plan for Nubian Museum on behalf of Aswan University Faculty, and from the request of the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Antiquities.

In 2017 he organised the first international conference for the Faculty of Archaeology entitled Archaeology, theory and fieldwork.

Currently, Omar has been conducting research for a project in Luxor, titled New Theban Tombs Mapping Project – NTTMP.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2007, Omar was based in the Department of Egypt & Sudan and his partner placement was spent at The Collection – Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire.

Legacy Projects
In March 2010 Omar attended the Cairo Conference Towards a global network where he presented a paper on what he had gained, both professionally and personally, from attending the ITP and his career development since the programme.

In 2016 Omar was a speaker at the Talking Heavy Conference in Istanbul. The workshop addressed current practices on site conservation, documentation and preservation of heavy heritage in the Mediterranean basin.