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Priyanka Kundu

Priyanka Kundu

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

Museum Keeper

Country: India

ITP Year: 2022


Priyanka’s responsibilities as Museum Keeper include leading the outreach and educational activities programme which led her to realise the importance of making art accessible. She endeavours to make art accessible and relevant by designing audience-focused programmes as well as leading the team responsible for developing promotional strategies for museum events. Using an audience-focused strategy, her approach seeks to turn the museum into a place of interaction, learning and well-being. Her work also involves contributing to social media management.

In 2023, Priyanka curated an exhibition titled Tales of Tails. This was an exhibition aimed at children aged 7-14, and offered interactive activities, games, and storytelling.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum takes pride in its rich collection of Indian Art, representing cultures and ethnicities spread throughout the sub-continent. It is best known for some of its prominent collections on Jain Art, especially from the Gujarat region and has a vision to reach regional audiences and simultaneously step into the global realm.

Priyanka believes in a continuous learning process and endeavors to make art accessible and relatable to the community. Academically trained in Art History, her area of interest is ancient and medieval Indian art, particularly exploring the links between the sculptures and architectural spaces.

Priyanka’s dream for museums of the future is for museums to be spaces that are inclusive and accessible in nature. They will be platforms for conversation, exchanging feelings, well-being, and enjoyment, in addition to learning.

At the British Museum
During Priyanka’s time on the International Training Programme she spent time in whole group sessions for a detailed overview of all aspects of the Museum’s work, both front of house and behind the scenes.  She also spent time in the Asia department. Priyanka spent her UK partner placement at Glasgow Museums.

Priyanka worked with the ITP 2022 participants to develop a 15-object trail based on a story they wanted to share based around the British Museum collection. The theme of the trail was food and drink and Priyanka’s chosen object was a Head of the Fasting Buddha.

Priyanka’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Charles Wallace India Trust and Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation.