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Abdulaziz Al Amri

Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage


Country: Saudi Arabia

ITP Year: 2015


Abdulaziz Al Amri has many years of experience working in museums around Saudi Arabia, including as an archaeologist at the National Museum, and as Director for the Al Ula Museum, Najran Museum and Taif Regional Museum. From 2012-16, Abdulaziz was Assistant Director General for the Protection and Registration Department at the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage. Since 2016, he has been the Manager of Archaeology Protection for the Commission working on, among other responsibilities, improving the documentation system for archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, Abdulaziz has participated in many archaeological and museum activities such as research, excavations, archaeological surveys and the supervision of conservation and museums development projects. His responsibilities and skills lie in protecting archaeological sites from looting, natural disasters and trafficking of antiquities, as well as registration, conservation and preservation/rehabilitation of sites and historical buildings.

At the British Museum

While attending the International Training Programme in 2015, Abdulaziz was based in the Middle East Department. His UK Partner museum was Birmingham Museums Trust.

In 2015 each participant was asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition based on the physical space and concept of the Asahi Shimbun Displays in Room 3 at the British Museum. Abdulaziz’s exhibition project proposal was entitled The Babylonian Map of the World.

Abdulaziz’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Barakat Trust.