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Ali Demirkiran

Ephesus Museum


Country: Turkey

ITP Year: 2023


Ali is an Archaeologist currently working at the Ephesus Museum. He is responsible for the care and study of stone artefacts from the ancient city of Ephesus and the surrounding area. After the objects are brought to the museum, Ali ensures they are condition checked, photographed, and catalogued in the national network. He selects objects to be used in exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, as well as assisting academics with research on the collection. Ali also works in underwater archaeology.

Ali is currently working on a project with primary schools in the city of Selçuk, which aims to promote cultural heritage by bringing school children on tours of ancient sites in the region. The programme also includes seminars on the protection of cultural heritage which Ali helps to organise.

At the British Museum

During his time at the British Museum, Ali was based in the Department of Greece and Rome and his UK partner placement was spent at the Lincoln Museum and Nottingham University Museum.

As an ongoing project throughout the six-week programme, fellows were asked to use their existing skills and experience, and the knowledge gained throughout the annual programme, to create, develop, and propose a new interpretation for an object currently on display in the British Museum. Ali, along with his departmental group, used their object, a marble statue of Apollo with a kithara and quiver, to tell the story of Apollo in Greek mythology.

Ali’s participation on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Aall Foundation.