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Altaieb Ali, wearing a black jacket and white shirt

Altaieb Abdelslam Abdalla Ali

Sudan National Museum, National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM)


Country: Sudan

ITP Year: 2022


As Curator at the National Museum of Sudan, Altaieb is responsible for permanent exhibitions and temporary displays, alongside the documentation and storage of the collection. Other areas of responsibility include packing objects for storage and travel and writing archaeological fieldwork reports, assisting researchers, and providing training to university students.

Altaieb works on archaeological fieldwork missions focusing on the rehabilitation of the Sudan National Museum, creating a collection database of the prehistory period collection and working on storage and display. He is currently conducting research to obtain his master’s degree in Chronological Aspects Concerning the Middle and Late Pleistocene Hominin Presence in Sudanese Nubia, NE Africa, in Elneelian University with the Polish mission from Wroclaw University specializing in prehistoric Paleolithic studies. However, due to current conflict in Sudan, he has been unable to complete the project and his research. This situation has prompted him to think about how we can protect and preserve museums, archaeological sites, and cultural heritage during times of conflict. Finding solutions to safeguard these important cultural resources is of paramount importance.

Altaieb also fulfils the role of Inspector for National and International Missions in Sudan, since 2019. In 2014, Altaieb achieved his bachelor’s degree in archaeology from Elneelain University.

Altaieb’s dream for museums of the future, is to break down barriers and make art, history, and culture accessible to everyone. Advancements in technology can facilitate virtual experiences, providing immersive and interactive opportunities for people around the world to engage with museum collections and exhibits. Community engagement and co-creation could foster active community involvement, encouraging visitors to actively participate in curating exhibits, providing local perspectives, and sharing their own stories. Through collaborations with curators, researchers, community members, and organizations, museums can become vibrant platforms for dialogue, social change, and collective memory.

At the British Museum
During Altaieb’s time on the International Training Programme he spent time in whole group sessions for a detailed overview of all aspects of the Museum’s work, both front of house and behind the scenes.  Altaieb also spent some time in the department of Egypt and Sudan. He spent his partner placement at The Collection: Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire and Nottingham University Museum.

Altaieb worked with the ITP 2022 participants to develop a 15-object trail based on a story they wanted to share based around the British Museum collection. The theme of the trail was Food and drink and Altaieb’s chosen object was a Kerma Moyen bottle from Sudan.

Altaieb’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Barakat Trust and the Aall Foundation.