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Amalia Kakissis

British School at Athens


Country: Greece

ITP Year: 2018


Amalia has a BA in Archaeology and Classical Civilizations and MA in Public History and Archive Management. Amalia is currently working as the Archivist at the British School at Athens (BSA) where she looks after archival collections which involves planning and implementing projects for the preservation, cataloguing, digitization and proper storage of all collections.

Additionally, Amalia processes permissions to study, publish and reproduce BSA materials, contributes to developing collection management software, develops fundraising proposals for archive projects including cataloguing, digitization, exhibitions, conferences and related publications. She also organises public outreach and education presentations on the Archives through exhibitions, conferences, seminars and tours for student groups.

Amalia’s research interests lie in influential historical figures of Hellenic Studies, how archival records can enhance research in Hellenic Studies and how to link these into a wider research network. One of her current research projects examines the links between Byzantine art & culture and British Heritage in reception studies.

In 2023 Amalia edited a volume of Byzantium and British Heritage: Byzantine influences on the Arts and Crafts Movement, based on one of the BSA’s archive collections, the Byzantine Research Fund Archive.

In 2020 Amalia worked on a digital collaboration project between the British School at Athens and the University of Cambridge. Digital Mycenae involved the digitization of a large collection of archival documents of various BSA expeditions at Mycenae. The project was shortlisted for an Apollo Award for digital innovation.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme, Amalia was based in the Greece and Rome Department and spent her partner placement at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology.

In 2018 participants were asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition, drawing on their existing museum experience and the skills learnt during the programme.  Amalia worked with Mao Lei (China) on her Object in focus project, Metis Art and a Journey of Identity.

Amalia’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Philip and Irene Toll Gage Foundation.

Legacy Projects
In 2020, Amalia attended the International Training Programme’s series of online subject specialist sessions. Amalia attended:
The role of Rwandan Museums in protecting traditional knowledge
Project management in the cultural sector: a guide to principles, processes and performance
International copyright and artist’s rights