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Lena Lambrinou

National Technical University of Athens

Architect and Archaeologist

Country: Greece

ITP Year: 2017


Lena’s primary areas of professional interest and expertise include Greek archaeology, the architectural history of ancient Greece and the theoretical background behind contemporary restoration practices. For some years (2003-2014) she taught an annual course for the University of Athens on archaeological documentation. She currently lectures in History and Theology of Ancient Architecture of the Mediterranean at the National Technical University of Athens.

In the field, she has served as the team architect on numerous archaeological excavations in Greece. She also worked for the Athens Metro (1995-1997), where she supervised the archaeological documentation of excavations in central Athens. On the Athenian Acropolis, Lena completed an extensive study of the Parthenon’s North Colonnade in 2005, as part of YSMA’s new intervention on that part of the monument. She then served as the responsible architect for the North Colonnade’s restoration (columns and architraves), a project completed in 2009. Lena also contributed to the restoration of the Parthenon’s Pronaos, finished in 2004, and supervised the fluting of its restored columns (2011-2015). She completed the necessary study for an impending intervention on the West Wall of the Parthenon’s Cella (published in 2015). Most recently she has been dealing with the realization of the Parthenon’s Cella south wall restoration project.

Her PhD concerned the Late Roman repair of the Parthenon (University of Athens, 2015). During the spring term of 2018 she was residing in Washington DC, where as a Post-Doc Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies, researching the evolution and regional influences of the Doric order in the Hellenistic era.

Lena is also involved in the reopening of the Old Acropolis Museum, which will house an archaeological storage area for architectural members, combined with a public exhibition of specific ancient objects and modern restoration artefacts from each of the Acropolis monuments.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme 2017, Lena was based in the Department of Greece and Roman and spent her partner placement at The Collection – Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire and the University of Nottingham Museum.

In 2017 participants were asked to develop a proposal for an Asahi Shimbun Display – a temporary exhibition in Room 3 at the British Museum – based around a ‘spotlight’ object.  Lena worked with fellow Haitham Eliman (Sudan) on her exhibition proposal project, entitled Trade in Action: From Mycenae to Britain and Sudan.

Lena’s participation on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust.