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Lotfi Belhouchet

Lotfi Belhouchet

The Institute of Heritage

Director, Museographic Development Division

Country: Tunisia

ITP Year: 2022


Lotfi specialises in the conservation of archaeological sites and is the director of the Museographic Development Division in the National Institute of Heritage in Tunisia. He has worked on the following sites: El Jem, Hergla and Sousse and has completed several training courses in the conservation of archaeology. In addition to archaeological research and conservation of archeological sites, he previously managed the El Jem Museum and the Sousse Archaeological Museum.

Research interests include Lithic technology in the Lower Paleolithic in Tunisia: approach to the organisation of lithic production from the industries of Sidi Zin (Le Kef), which was the subject of Lotfi’s PhD which he studied at the University of Provence, Aix-Marseille.

In March 2022, Lotfi published a book entitled: Du Capsien Chasseur Au Capsien Pasteur: Pour Un Modele Regional de Neolithisation, Oxford, Archaeopress.

At the British Museum

During Lotfi’s time on the International Training Programme spent time in whole group sessions for a detailed overview of all aspects of the Museum’s work, both front of house and behind the scenes.  Lotfi attended a range of subject specialist sessions, tailored sessions, chosen to reflect his professional interests, role profile and current projects and programmes. He spent his partner placement at Lincoln Museum and Nottingham University Museum.

Lotfi worked with the ITP 2022 participants to develop a 15-object trail based on a story they wanted to share based around the British Museum collection. The theme of the trail was Food and drink and Lotfi’s chosen object was a stone saddle quern.

Lotfi’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Barakat Trust and the Aall Foundation.