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Nyaz Azeez Awmar

Koya Civilization Museum

Director & Archaeologist

Country: Kurdistan


Nyaz obtained a master’s degree in archaeology from the University of Valencia in Spain. As a student assistant he participated in the excavation at Tell Qasra in Ankwa, north of Erbil. Later on, he worked as a pottery specialist for the Antiquity Service of the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq on the Archaeological Survey of Koya (ASK) Project (University of Innsbruck, Austria).

As a researcher and director of the Koya Civilization Museum, Nyaz is responsible for collections management, cataloguing and completing object inventories. He also performs some conservation tasks when needed. From time to time Nyaz gives tours to students and visitors.

From May to June 2010, Nyaz participated as a representative of the Antiquity Service of the Kurdish Regional Government at the excavations at Tell Satu Qala, located east of Taq Taq. This project was in cooperation between the Salahaddin University and the Universities of Leiden (Netherlands) and Leipzig (Germany). Nyaz returned to participate in these excavations in September and October of 2011.

At the British Museum

During his time on the International Training Programme Nyaz was based in the Middle East Department and spent his partner placement at The Collection: Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire and Nottingham University Museum.

Nyaz worked with Buket Babatas Aydin (Turkey) and Abdelrahman Sedeeg (Sudan) on his Object in focus project. Their exhibition proposal was titled Journey Towards Belief.

Nyaz’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Thriplow Charitable Trust.