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Salim Younis Hussien

Mosul Museum


Country: Iraq

ITP Year: 2009


Salim is currently working as Inspector at the Nineveh Inspectorate of Antiquities and Heritage within Mosul Museum.

At the British Museum

During his time on the International Training Programme in 2009, Salim was based in the Department of Middle East and his partner placement was spent at Glasgow Museums.

In 2009 an element of the programme was a morning of presentations, in which groups of participants presented a 10-minute illustrated talk, prompted by the task to consider a new display of the fellows’ cultures at the British Museum.  Salim’s exhibition proposal, with colleague Layla Salih, was entitled The Zengids of Mosul.

Salim’s participation in the International Training Programme was generously supported by Linda Noe Laine.