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Sharareh Farokhnia

Iranian Cultural Heritage Handicraft and Tourism Organization

Archaeologist, Cultural Properties Expert

Country: Iran


After her Bachelors degree, Sharareh joined the Cultural Heritage, Tourism & Handicrafts Organization, and is in charge of Cultural and Historical Properties in the Central Department of Museum Affairs. This department supervises all Iranian museum projects such as exhibitions, international collaborations, documentation, tracking of stolen objects, restitution, etc. Sharareh’s duties include: head of documentation of museum objects, expert committee member with the task of purchasing cultural properties and exchanging cultural objects between the museums.

As a supervisor, Sharareh has conducted different types of projects on archaeological and anthropological collections such as artefact classification, sorting (typology) materials, documentation and registration of museum objects. She has tried to set standards for the documentation of museum objects. Based on her studies and efforts in this regard the ICHHTO published a book entitled Regulations and Conventions on Cultural and Historical Properties (published in Farsi).

Recently, Sharareh has conducted some workshops and talks across museums regarding the documentation, carpet weaving and the dignity of Iranian carpets, and the sustainability of museums.

Sharareh is currently studying for a PhD in archaeology at University of Tehran and has submitted her thesis proposal on The Early Iron Age in Eastern and Central Alborz: Continuity or Discontinuity. She will progress her studies in cultural changes and migration.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme in 2014, Sharareh was based in the Department of Coins and Medals and her partner placement was spent at Birmingham Museums Trust.

Sharareh’s exhibition project proposal was entitled The Iranian Lion and Sun: a symbol of identity and eternity.

Sharareh’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Altajir Trust.

Legacy Projects
In May 2017 Sharareh returned to the British Museum to attend the ITP+ Course on temporary exhibitions & permanent displays with fellows from China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey over different ITP years.

ITP Newsletter Publications
ITP Newsletter Issue 5 (2018), Bulletin Board