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Rema Zeynalova

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Chief Specialist on Scientific Research

Country: Azerbaijan

ITP Year: 2018


As Chief Specialist, Rema conducts research on collection of the Museum, arranges lectures and workshops. She is currently working on a project to catalogue the Azerbaijani carpets stored in world-wide museum and private collections. In addition, she conducts a monthly project entitled The history of one exhibit. For this project Rema is conducting research on the collection and preparing one object to narrate its history.

Rema’s professional interests include research on historical articles and art-works, learning new research techniques and methods. Also, she is interested in public and community engagement, museum communication, dialogue-based and participatory learning.  Furthermore, Rema is very keen to learn about the recent innovations and technologies used in exhibition designing and latest technologies being implemented for the preservation of museum collections, in particular for carpet-based collections.

Additionally, Rema serves as Secretary of ICME (ICOM International Committee for Museums and Collections of Ethnography) and as Secretary of ICOM Azerbaijan (ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee)

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme, Rema was based in the Middle East Department and her partner placement was spent at Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.

In 2018 participants were asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition, drawing on their existing museum experience and the skills learnt during the programme.  Rema worked with Cherry Thinn (Myanmar) on her Object in focus project, Journey Towards Eternity.

Rema’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Altajir Trust.

Legacy Projects

In 2023, Rema received an ITP Conference Grant to attend Museums: Shaping the Future of Education, ICOM CECA, Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, 20-24 November.