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Yasser Abdelrady Mohamed Mohamed

Nubia Museum, Aswan


Country: Egypt


Yasser works as a Conservator of Antiquities at the Nubia Museum, where he is mainly responsible for the preservation and conservation of museum objects. He also takes care of the museum’s display which includes researching objects meanings, interpretation and designing object labels.

In addition to his job as a conservator, Yasser is a member of staff in the Educational Department of the Museum. The role involves giving guided tours to students, interacting with audiences and making speeches on the importance of collection care and the conservation process. In the past Yasser has held theoretical and practical training for students of conservation. Currently, he is working on a project on the conservation and preservation of the historic paper and photographic documents from the collection as part of the International Campaign for the Rescue of the Nubian Monuments kept in the Documentation Centre of the Nubia Museum.

At the British Museum

During his time on the International Training Programme Yasser was based in the Department of Egypt and Sudan and his partner placement was spent at Glasgow Museums.

Yasser worked with Yue Qiao (China) on his Object in focus project. Their exhibition proposal was titled Journey of Body and Soul: ideals and realities in Burmese Silver.

ITP Newsletter Publications
ITP Newsletter Issue 7 (2020), Your collection in focus: Nubian diorama