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Zhang Huan

Guangdong Museum

Head of the Guangdong Conservation Centre

Country: China

ITP Year: 2015


Huan is Head of the Guangdong Conservation Centre at the Guangdong Museum. Huan has a BSc degree in Conservation and Scientific Research from Northwest University, Xi’an, and a Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage and Museology from Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou. He has been working in scientific conservation at the Guangdong Museum since 2003.
Huan holds a position in the museum’s 7-member Top Management Committee, Academic Committee, Exhibition Committee, and Collection Acquisition Committee.

Huan is interested in scientific research and conservation of cultural heritage, especially the conservation of marine archaeological objects, paper artefacts and preventive conservation of museum collections.

In 2007, Huan participated in the eight-month Sino-Italian Cooperation Training Programme, learning about the conservation and restoration of paper artefacts. He completed a study in 2017 on laser cleaning for conservation of marine archaeological ceramics, supported by the Guangdong Administration of Cultural Heritage. He is currently involved in several ongoing projects, such as conservation of marine archaeological objects from a 16th century shipwreck, supported by the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP), and colour measurement and evaluation for cultural heritage and artefacts, supported by the Guangdong Administration of Cultural Heritage.

In 2015, Huan awarded the Elite Young Scholars Program supported by Guangdong Province.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2015, Huan was based in the Department of Asia. His UK Partner museum was Birmingham Museums Trust.

In 2015 participants were asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition based on the physical space and concept of the Asahi Shimbun Displays in Room 3 at the British Museum.  Huan’s exhibition project proposal was entitled The Light Matters: Caring for Ancient Paintings.

Huan’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Sino-British Fellowship Trust and an anonymous gift.