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Beimote Ngozi Etim

Currency Museum, Central Bank of Nigeria

Principal Policy Officer

Country: Nigeria


Beimote is the Principal Policy Officer education officer/assistant curator at the Currency Museum of the Central Bank of Nigeria. She has a BA in Public and Administrative Studies, a Masters in Public and International Affairs and a Masters in Museum Studies from Newcastle University. Beimote is married with three children (two girls and a boy). Beimote’s interest in the Museum and Heritage Sector developed from 2009 when her organisation decided to open the Currency Museum. Prior to that time, Beimote worked in operations at the Central Bank of Nigeria in Abuja and had not visited a museum before.

Beimote previously held the position of Education Officer/Assistant Curator. In her day to day work Beimote was responsible for planning and maintaining the roster for visiting students, organising programmes for schools, receiving requests for visits to the museum and coordinating the processing. Beimote carries out the educational procession and tours of the museum. She coordinates the desk officers and tour guides during visits to ensure the smooth running of sessions and provides and evaluates feedback on the museum’s activities. Beimote also accessions objects and is responsible for the documentation of existing and newly acquires artefacts. This involved the complete and accurate indexing, labelling and cataloguing of artefacts.

Beimote is interested in what the visitor thinks – how he or she reacts to the displays. Beimote would like to improve the visitors’ experience to encourage repeat visitors. She aims to make the currency museum appeal to the younger generation to ensure the museum can impact meaningfully on their future.

At the British Museum

During her time on the International Training Programme 2017, Beimote was based in the Department of Coins and Medals and spent her partner placement with Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.

Beimote worked with fellow Guo Xifeng (Exhibitions planner, Shanxi Museum, China ) on her exhibition proposal project, entitled Casting Civilisations: The Art of Bronze Making in China and Nigeria.

Beimote’s participation on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Aall Foundation.

Legacy Projects
In 2020, Beimote attended the International Training Programme’s series of online subject specialist sessions. Beimote attended:
The role of Rwandan Museums in protecting traditional knowledge
Circulating Artefacts: A global platform against the looting and trafficking of cultural property
Collecting COVID-19
The Samarkand Half Marathon, cultural accessibility and ‘going digital’ during COVID-19
Setting up a Subject Specialist Network (SSN)
Egyptology in Lockdown: Connecting collections with isolated people

ITP Newsletter Publications
ITP Newsletter Issue 5 (2018), Bulletin Board