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Mohammad Al Qaisi, wearing a dark gray t-shirt

Mohammad Al Qaisi

Jordan Museum

Education Manager

Country: Jordan

ITP Year: 2022


Mohammad’s role as Education Manager at The Jordan Museum involves museum education, strategic planning, exhibition programmes, museum guides, school programmes, and heritage activities. This includes sourcing ways to build an education unit offering the best-disseminated current practice at a local level in cooperation with local museums. Responsibilities cover supporting school teachers, designing activities and creating museum programmes relating to the national curriculums, as well as collaborating with local school and educators to integrate the museums resources into their curriculum.

Mohammed works on strategies, partnerships and international and national projects, alongside community and children’s programmes. He also manages events at the museum and the development of fundraising strategies.

With a great enthusiasm for cultural heritage, Mohammad’s museum interests cover museum education and outreach activities, as well as audience development and learning. Professionally, he is interested in the idea of museums as places of non-formal learning and is currently researching this area to explore how museums now operate in the role of the study environment and supports formal learning by introducing non-formal learning to society.

Mohammad is currently working on a project creating a story series for children that explores the history of Jordan. The series is designed to make learning about Jordan’s fascinating history engaging and fun for young readers. The first story in the series is about Ain Ghazal, an important archaeological site in Jordan. The goal is to take children on a journey through time, introducing them to the rich heritage, culture, and historical events that have shaped Jordan. Each story will feature colourful illustrations, relatable characters, and age-appropriate language to ensure that kids can connect with and enjoy the stories.

Mohammad’s dream for museums of the future, is for museums to increasingly embrace technology to offer virtual experiences, interactive exhibits, and augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) tours. This would allow visitors to engage with exhibits in new and immersive ways. Museums can be more inclusive, ensuring that people of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages can access and enjoy their offerings, for example by providing accessible facilities, multilingual content, and exhibits that represent diverse perspectives. He would like to see museums becoming more integrated into their local communities, offering programmes and exhibitions that address community needs and interests. They can serve as hubs for learning, social interaction, cultural exchange, and centres for lifelong learning.

At the British Museum
During Mohammad’s time on the International Training Programme he spent time in whole group sessions for a detailed overview of all aspects of the Museum’s work, both front of house and behind the scenes. He also spent some time in the Middle East department. Mohammad spent his UK partner placement at The Collection: Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire and Nottingham University Museum.

Mohammad worked with the ITP 2022 participants to develop a 15-object trail based on a story they wanted to share based around the British Museum collection. The theme of the trail was Food and drink, and Beatrice’s chosen object was a cooking bowl from Africa.

Mohammad’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the the Altajir Trust.