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Guo Xifeng

Shanxi Museum

Exhibitions Planner

Country: China

ITP Year: 2017


Guo Xifeng lives in Shanxi Province, China, which is regarded as the cradle of the ancient Chinese civilisation. Guo Xifeng describes herself as independent, diligent and persistent but a little introverted.

She majored in Museology for her Bachelor and Master’s degree at Shanxi University. Since completing her studies she started work at Shanxi Museum in July 2008. She is an exhibition planner and is also responsible for touring exhibitions and objects loaned to other museums.

Guo Xifeng has worked in the Development Department of Shanxi Museum for 9 years. Her main responsibility is planning exhibitions. As an exhibition planner her role includes planning the content of exhibitions, communicating with partners, writing the text, coordinating the work of relevant departments, editing publications, editing demo content for electronic equipment, handing over or taking over exhibits, installing or de-installing exhibitions and so on. So she has been in charge of approximately 20 exhibitions. Guo Xifeng also manages touring exhibitions and objects loaned to other museums.

Guo Xifeng enjoyed her major in Museology and loves her job.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme 2017, Guo Xifeng was based in the Asia Department and she spent her partner placement with Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.

In 2017 participants were asked to develop a proposal for an Asahi Shimbun Display – a temporary exhibition in Room 3 at the British Museum – based around a ‘spotlight’ object.  Guo worked with fellow Beimote Ngozi Etim (Nigeria) on her exhibition proposal project, entitled Casting Civilisations: The Art of Bronze Making in China and Nigeria.

Guo Xifeng’s participation on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Sino-British Fellowship Trust.