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Assayed El-Banna

Ministry of Antiquities

General Director for Administration of Registrations & Documentation

Country: Egypt

ITP Year: 2007


Assayed is the General Director of Documentation & Registration Administration for the lower Egypt & Suez Canal area and Sinai in Egypt. He holds a PhD in Ancient Egyptian Language. Assayed was a librarian for over six years before making a career change to join the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt in May 2006, as the archaeologist for Kafr Ash-Sheikh Antiquities Area of Egyptian & Greco-Roman.

From 2010 – 2014 Assayed was the curator of Kafr Ash-Sheikh national museum (under construction). From December 2015 to August 2016, he worked as General Director of Suez National Museum in Egypt; during this period he led the team working at Suez Museum and opened four temporary exhibitions reviewing the ancient history of the Suez Canal area. Assayed also worked on scientific research projects between Suez Museum and a number of public & international organizations, including UNESCO. He launched Mini-Simulation Excavation for Kids, to teach children about excavations of antiquities at archaeological sites. He has also worked on other workshops for children including, how to write hieroglyphics and step by step ancient Egyptian language.

In 2015 Assayed was granted the ICOM Egypt Certificate of Recognition for best museum director in Egypt. His project (Mini-Simulation Excavation for Kids) was also granted ICOM Egypt Certificate of Recognition for best project for community communication with children in museums.

Assayed is now working with his team to establish the newest museum in Egypt (Kafr Ash-Sheikh National Museum). With Kafr Ash-Sheikh governorate he has planned a long term strategy for completion of construction and exhibitions (studying the best new methods for display). Assayed will oversee the objects selected to be displayed, objects excavated in the 19th & 20th centuries at Kafr-Ash-Sheikh governorate, particularly from Tell el-Faraain (Buto) will be conserved and displayed.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2007, Assayed was based in the Department of Egypt and Sudan and his partner placement was spent at Lincoln Museum and the University of Nottingham Museum

Legacy Projects
In December 2017 Assayed returned to the British Museum to attend the ITP+ Course, photography & documentation with fellows from China, Egypt, Ghana, Malaysia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and different ITP years.