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Anjan Dey

Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions, Cultures & Heritage in Roing, Arunachal Pradesh, India (RIWATCH)

Design and Display Consultant

Country: India

ITP Year: 2010


Anjan Dey is currently the Design Consultant for the Ethnography Museum, developed by the Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions, Cultures and Heritage (RIWATCH). He has assisted the RIWATCH team to develop its very first museum to display the diverse material culture of Arunachal Pradesh, one of the most eastern states of India. He currently assisting the museum to develop a catalogue and helping to create promotional materials for the upcoming museum.

Anjan is actively involved in the museum sector of India through his design engagement. He has in the past organised and designed the exhibition Astitava–In Search of Our Identity as part of the exhibition team in 2008 at National Museum Institute. As Assistant Curator of Mehrangarh Fort Museum, Jodhpur, Anjan designed and developed marketing materials, gallery guides and assisted the V&A team in the installation of Indian Life & Landscape, Paintings & Drawings by Western Artists in March 2009 held at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This was followed by his engagement in designing for Durrie – Rural Charm to Regal Grandeur in November 2009 at Mehrangarh Fort Museum, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Anjan has had the opportunity to design the museum gallery signage for Jai Vilas Palace Museum, followed by conceptualisations and designing the new Arms gallery at Jai Vilas Palace Museum, Gwalior in 2015. More recently he has designed a teachers’ resource pack / children’s workbook for the newly opened Jewellery Gallery at the National Museum, New Delhi, and the catalogue for The Everlasting Flame: Zoroastrianism in history and imagination exhibition organised by SOAS at the National Museum, New Delhi.

He has collaborated with the Lecturing & Education Department of National Museum, New Delhi on various occasions, including designing the following resources for the India and the World exhibition visitors: exploration bags for young audiences; programme booklet for general visitors; interactive activity sheets. The exhibition was in collaboration with the British Museum, UK; the National Museum, New Delhi and CSMVS, Mumbai.

Besides his association with the ethnography museum, RIWATCH, he is also working as Creative Head in a publishing house.

At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme in 2010, Anjan was based in the Department of Asia and his partner placement was spent at the National Museum of Wales.

In 2010 participants were asked to develop a proposal for a small temporary exhibition – based on British Museum objects – on some aspect of their own cultures.  Anjan’s exhibition project proposal was entitled Ramayan: Battle of Good Over Evil.

Legacy Projects
In May 2017 Anjan returned to the British Museum to attend the ITP+ Course, temporary exhibitions & permanent display with fellows from China, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, and different ITP years.