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Yolanda Theodoropoulou

The Acropolis Museum

Front Desk Manager

Country: Greece


Yolanda is a Front Desk Manager at The Acropolis Museum in Athens. Her background has been in administration in the building industry.
As a coordinator of The Acropolis Museum, she is responsible for the management of over 20 staff members, including tickets sales, telephone, bookings, and information desk. Yolanda has additionally collected and analysed museum visitor data, and has participated in several government training programmes with the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government in Athens.

Yolanda strongly believes that all fellows of the ITP share the same goal: ‘the protection and diffusion of our cultural heritage’.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme in 2016, Yolanda was based in the Department of Greece and Rome. Her UK Partner Museum was Birmingham Museums Trust.

Yolanda’s exhibition project proposal was entitled Exploring the Beauty of the Lysikrates Monument.

Yolanda’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by Mary and Michael Jaharis.

Continued Dialogue
Since completing the Summer Programme Yolanda has welcomed many ITP fellows and course facilitators to The Acropolis Museum, Athens. Yolanda visited Egypt in 2017 and reconnected with fellow Shreen Taher (ITP 2016, Egypt).