ITP Diary 2011: Gao Cui

Thursday 7 July

Today we visited the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, and the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. This was a long day. It started from 8 am, until 8pm.The agenda was very full, so we ate lunch on the train. Although the two museums were not very big, they were still very impressive. First we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the streets of Bath. There are many buildings in the arc. We also watched a horse carriage passing quickly through the street.

Then we visited Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. Different from other museums, the text information of the object was not fixed in the showcase. Instead, they put electronic equipment in the front of the displays through which visitors can read the information.

 They also have arranged some space for children to draw paintings in the room. In the Chinese glass exhibition, they provided a computer for the visitors to check the objects. They had also translated the text into Chinese. Then we saw the exhibition on the Chinese glass. The collection is the best overseas exhibition!