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Check the “This week in Palestine” for August under the title of “Museums and Private collectors” it will help a lot, for people who are interested in knowing about the Palestinian Culture heritage, Private collectors and Museums too ….

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For assisting, have select some very good articles , that its worth reading :

1. Collecting and Collectors With Spotlights on the Kawar Collection By Widad Kawar and George Al Ama,

2. Palestinian Heritage Center Preserver and Promoter of Palestinian Cultural Heritage By Maha Saca,

3. Excavation Adventures in Ancient Palestine By Felicity Cobbing,

4. Reviving a Dying Handicraft The Enrique Jidi Mother-of-Pearl Collection By George Al Ama,

I didn’t have the chance to read all the articles, and I’m sure if you check more, you will find more good articles ..

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