Regards from India: Joyee Roy

Hello everybody! Hope you all are doing well. I miss you all.

After returning from ITP I was too busy with my work that I can’t be able to contact you.

Firstly, I had to finish all my pending works after returning. It was a large amount of work.  Secondly, I had delivered a presentation about my experience during ITP. It was highly appreciated by all of my colleagues.

Thirdly, I was busy with exhibition work. It is on Kalighat Painting, a folk painting of Kolkata, India. It was opened on 15th October, 2011 (last Saturday). It is jointly curated by my museum & Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I had implemented my experience of ITP during display, signage, lighting and other matters of the exhibition. Experience of ITP helped me a lot.

Lastly, from Liberty, you came to know that she was in my country and my museum during August. It was nice to meet her & her friend in my place. Me and my husband had dinner with them.

With love & regards,

Joyee Roy