ITP 2012: Day 5 – Asad Hayee

We arrived on 13th June to London and travelled by road to the city of Birmingham. This is my first visit to UK and things are very different here. My first day at BMAG was very interesting as we were introduced to the Birmingham city and Museum by Fiona Slattery Clark and it followed by a presentation by Mr. Neal Spencer about ITP in past few years. Latter it followed by presentations by all 4 participants about their museums and gallery. We were introduced to staff working with BMAG. Ms. Clark gave us a tour of the Museum and introduced us with the Museum present collection and future plans and about the upcoming important exhibitions.

Saadu, Asad, Ahmed and Eunice with Ann Sumner, Head of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

In past few days we have seen different departments of the Museum and met with the professionals who are heading them. Most interesting meeting was with Mr. Andy Horn, who gave us important and most valuable information about designing an exhibition. His deep understanding about his work was very inspiring.

Saadu, Fiona, Eunice, Asad and Ahmed with Dr Kenny Webster at Thinktank

Today at BMAG we met Ms. Linda Spurdle, who works with Social Media department and gave us very fruitful information about the new media technologies which are used for the promotion and outreach programme of the BMAG. As we all are familiar with revolution of Facebook and youtube technologies and how the world has become accessible to the fingertips of the young generation. And it’s important to engage these new ways of publicity and make use of it for outreach programmes. As my gallery Rohtas 2 is unique in its vision and more inclined to exhibit cutting edge contemporary art, we have made our data based art resources archives available to students, artists and to professors. I am more interested to make this space a central hub for art activities and join hands with other galleries in Pakistan and link it around the world.  While in discussion with Ms. Linda I came across of a wonderful activity to involve our art students in making of short documentaries on Lahore Museum (the only Museum in Lahore) and art galleries to share it on a Facebook and youtube.  This will really help to promote art and art activities with general public.

Asad and Saadu at Thinktank

Similarly, our visit to Thinktank (Science Museum) has generated a lot more encouragement and excitement for developing different projects for the benefits of artists and general public in Pakistan.

Asad Hayee