ITP 2012: Day 9 – Marwa Abdel Razek

Friday 22 June was our last day in the UK partner museum and my colleagues and I spent it at the Riverside Museum. We started the first session with Mr. John Ferry who gave to us an introduction to the museum and how they use the internet to improve working processes inside the museum; for example how they use Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to contact their audiences. He also spoke about school activities, involving games, experiments and movies. After our final lunch with the Museum staff, Ms. Heather Robertson gave to us a tour inside the museum and I was surprised to see that the Museum contains very old trains, cars, bicycles and clocks.

Cars and buses at the Riverside Museum

I was interested in the screens for the display of visitor feedback and how they use objects to entertain the audience. Games based around the displayed objects can be very effective for the audience.

I liked this museum – the building and the site beside the river, the design, the organization of the displays and the way it uses technology to attract a new audience.  

Marwa Abdel Razek