ITP 2013 : August 19 – Mouza al Wardi

Today August 19th 2013, among a very busy day on learning about the BM’s Collections Documentation and Storage . We had the opportunity to visit the store. I found it privilege to walk in the Museum stores that not anyone can get access in to it except for BM staff. 

Labs    Identifying objects

On other hand we had a very interesting day on Conservation and Scientific Research.  Visiting the Scientists Laboratories, talking to them and understanding the role scientific research reflects the diversity and wealth of the Museum’s collection. All the laboratories were well equipped with very big or small equipment such as the X-ray  scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and gas chromatography.With this technology scientists were able to undertake different approach on conservation not only to stabilise and preserve the objects for future generations but also to understand the Ancient culture.  We had a very interesting talk with a scientist, Ms. Margaret Sax,  as   this technology allowed her to identify the ancient carving methods on cylinder seals dated 3500 BCE – 400 CE.This means with time we can discover the Ancient technology.