ITP 2013 : September 8 – Esmaeil Dakheil

At Shepard's Bush

At Shepard’s Bush

I woke up at ten in the morning and after breakfast I went with my friends Elghazafi and Feras to the area named Shepherds Bush Market by the underground for shopping, but we got surprised that the market is locked.

Then we took a tour of the street near the station and found shops with Arabic written on them and Halal Restaurants. It was raining and we had forgotten our umbrellas in the house! We entered the restaurant for lunch and shelter from the rain (to hit two birds with one stone) as they said in Arabic and found people there including Arabs from Egypt, Sudan and Palestine.

Then we went to the train station to go back home, knowing that tomorrow, Monday is the day of our exhibition and I have a lot of work. I am working with Fawzeia on the same exhibition. I said to Feras and Elghazafi that we should rush home because much work awaited me and when we got to the housing I was surprised that Ms. Fawzeia had gone shopping! The second bag she bought in Britain, not the bag she brought with her from Libya, is all filled up!
In the evening I met my friend Elghazafi to prepare dinner and agreed that he prepares dinner and Feras brings missing things from the market. We had dinner at eight o’clock and then I went back. I’ve been following up my work with Ms. Fawzeia and we stayed up late.