From temple to home: celebrating Ganesha

The ITP team would like to congratulate Manisha Nene, Asst. Director (Galleries), CSMVS, Mumbai on the opening of her show From Temple to Home; Celebrating Ganesha here at the British Museum.

Manisha came on the International Training Programme in 2011 and, like many of our past participants, she was asked to prepare a project outlining an exhibition proposal based on the Room 3 (Asahi Shimbun Displays) space and programming. Her original concept Visions of Ganesha, which is the show that has now been transformed into From Temple to Home; Celebrating Ganesha, clearly demonstrates the hard work and imagination that goes into all the participants proposals. While here in February, Manisha gave a staff breakfast and a public lecture to introduce her exhibition – both were fascinating insights in to the subject and very well attended.

It has been wonderful having Manisha here in London and a real pleasure working with her again.