ITP Diary 8th August: Waad Awisat

Today we had an interesting day, we have met Mr.Birger Helgestad from the Middle east department, he started first with an introduction about the city of Ur, which is one of those old cities in southern Iraq and then he told us more about the excavations where they found amazing and fascinating objects , like gold , jewelry and 72 human sacrifices. After that we went to see some exhibited objects from the city which are put in display for people at the British museum which gave us more insight about their project.

Later in the day we met Tanya Szrajber, who gave a lecture on Collections Documentation that was very interesting and fun, she also taught us how to use the Merlin Program –“ data base system” to find objects in the British museum collections.

Finally at the end of the day Mustafa, an ITP participant, gave us a small presentation about the Museum he works in – the “Moghadam Museum” in Iran which was an old house and has been renewed into a splendid museum with very beautiful and nice collections.

We also had a final topical discussion about Tomorrow’s World; Futurology where we discussed about how would museum look like or be after 100 years from now, and we all hung our drawings and ideas on the wall to discuss them – I found it very interesting as we have brought up new and nice ideas that can be possibly happen in the future.

Best wishes

Waad Awisat / Palestine