ITP Diary 20th August 2014: Marwa Eid

 A Warm Day in Petrie Museum

Today, I enjoyed visiting Petrie Museum with Anna Stevens. The museum wasn’t far from Schafer House, so we walked to get there. At the Petrie Museum I met a wonderful team, they were very friendly and helpful. Tracey Golding introduced the museum and its history to the ITP 2014 team. The museum is located at one a UCL buildings and it is a small place but contains a very important collection. We started the tour inside the museum with Jan Picron and Dr. Alice Stevenson, showed us the Petrie’s old letters and notebooks.

001 The great Proof Petrie

The Great Proof – Petrie Museum

002 Petrie's Letters

Petrie’s letters

I am interested to know more information about such a great person, like PETRIE, who carried out a lot of excavation in Egypt. Debbie Challis explains the workshops and events that are held at the museum and this was very close to my work at the Egyptian Museum in Egypt.

Later at the day Dr. Jan invited us to have lunch and this was a really nice lunch.

After that Dr. Margret Serpico, explained the 3D virtual exhibits, which is one of the most important departments at the museum that allowed us to understand the collections in a wonderful and easy way.

After an exciting, useful tour and a warmly welcome by  the Petrie Museum team work we moved to Grant Museum of Zoology with Ed Connolly and we spent  a good time there and got the chance to see  new collections. 

With a skeleton  at Zoology museum

With a skeleton at Zoology museum

005 Zoology museum

Zoology museum

Finally, I would like to thank the Petrie Museum team specially Dr. Margret and Dr. Jan who gave me a very nice souvenir which will make me remember the place everyday.

A souvenir from Petrie museum team

A souvenir from Petrie Museum team

Marwa Abdel Fattah / Egypt

Curator, Education Department, Egyptian Museum