ITP Diary 23th August 2014: Berkay Küçükbaşlar

Hello all,

This morning we visited the Leighton House Museum with Hayk from Armenia and Shimray from India.
This place was the house of Sir Frederic Leighton, painter who lived and produced in the Victorian era (,_1st_Baron_Leighton).

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The museum is small and very different from the British Museum, it has a different atmosphere.

Interior setting was designed as a welcoming house rather than a museum and the museum is noted for its elaborate Orientalist and Aesthetic interiors. Therefore the museum  is one of the most remarkable buildings of the nineteenth century, containing a fascinating collection of paintings and sculpture by Leighton and his contemporaries. It was also interesting to see Turkish themes in an alienated context.


After leaving the museum, I met my friends who are living in London. We visited the V&A Museum to see a temporary exhibition about the artifacts used in the street protests around the world ( It was a small but a smart setting and I really liked the main idea and the design.

After that we went to see a football game which was between Millwall and Rotherham United. It was quite an experience for me in many aspects. Besides seeing a football match, I had the chance to observe the entertainment of English working-class’. I also had the chance to observe the cockney accent but I cannot analyzes it because I simply couldn’t understand.


Berkay Küçükbaşlar / Turkey