Museum Branding

On Friday the 29th of August, International Training Programme participants were invited to answer a timely question. In a period of increasing globalisation, how can museums and cultural heritage institutions stand out, and market themselves to a wider audience? In other words, how do museums start thinking like a brand?

One way is through the creation of a tagline. A  tagline is a line of text that often accompanies the title of a film, book or the name of a brand. It is designed to explain a little more about a product, and to make it desirable. Participants were asked to spend twenty minutes coming up with a tagline, or slogan, to brand their home institutions. A good tagline often has the following characteristics: it is short and to the point, it links to a well thought out ‘mission statement’ or set of goals, and it grabs people’s attention.

Our tagline for the British Museum is “A museum of the world, for the world”. English Heritage has “step into England’s story”. The participants came up with their own fantastic ideas and below are the results:

Fatih Yucel – Topkapi Palace Museum:

Now you can see all the splendours and miseries*

Berkay Küçükbaşlar – Artemision:

Walk Through The Ancient World…

Marine Mkrtchyan – The Museum of Russian Art/Collection of A. Abrahamyani:

Donation as a sign of patriotism, silver age in the heart of Yerevan

Şeyda Çetin – Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilisations:

Reserves light on the culture of Anatolia

Balsam Shakal – Sudan National Museum, Khartoum:

Glorious Smiles Continue Shining under Sun Rising

Hayk Mkrtchyan – Memorial Museum of AvetikIsahakyan:

A Beautiful Space for poetry in every way! Poetic and Inspiring. Explore or simply enjoy poets immense.

Rhéa Dagher – University of Balamand Ethnographic Museum:

The museum that would make you feel at home!

Hajra Haider – IVS Gallery:

Keep up with the Times! Modern and Contemporary.

Asmaa El-Rabat – The Egyptian Museum:

The house of the mummies and Pharaoh

Yue Qi – The Palace Museum:

A Palace for All

Shimray Wunglengton – Assam State Museum:

The Enduring Heritage of North East India or Small Region, Great Diversity

Shubha Banerji – National Museum of New Delhi:

5000 years of human heritage – get connected!!!

Mostafa Dehpahlavan – Moghadam Museum, Iran:

A Great Cultural Donation to Persia

Constantinos Vasiliadis – The Acropolis Museum:

An Insight into the Athenian Golden Era

O’bour Hashash – The Palestinian Museum:

Palestine is the Story… and the story shall remain alive! or A Safe Place for Unsafe Ideas

Alaa Bakeer – The Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo:

Authenticity of Art in Islamic Era

Ameena Al-Abri – The Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Oman:

Culture and history all over the world

Marwa Salem Eid – The Egyptian Museum:

World joins the Ancient Egyptians’ lives in “the Egyptian Museum”

If you have an idea for a tagline or slogan for your home institution, please feel free to include it in a comment below!