ITP Diary 7th September 2014: Balsam Shakal

  In my dreams I have a plan

making world’s scan

 travel, travel, travel

Must be funny

In the other new world

travel, travel, travel

Always sunny

In the other new world

All of  the things I could do

If I find  real  friends

must be happy

and that’s could  happen indeed

If I have a good real  friend

Weekend memory, again it is Sunday; Ordinary activities at the end of the week; lots of rest, shopping and investigating surrounding neighbourhood for sure. This is our 5th day in the Collection  Museum in Lincoln,  three hours travelling by train towards north of London  in Lincolnshire. I must declare that although we did spent great lovely time in the last 4 weeks in London, I am still enjoying, and expecting more fun, knowledgeable, significant and valuable days in here. It should be like that because of the company of Mustafa, Jana and Waad, but we really miss our friends from the ITP  and other team members who are accompanying us in our memories . In this Sunday 07/09/2014, in Newcastle city the Great North Run which is the world’s most popular half marathon will be held in there, as we had been told by our friend Constantino from Greece – I hope they enjoyed that. But we had also right here in Lincoln an original one that is already been held yesterday; Saturday 6th of September, it is the marathon of beauty. Yes, the city is dressed full of amazing and beautiful cloth. Lincoln is famous for its amazing Cathedral, series of some historic buildings in the center, the river canal  crossing by bridges which are decorated by colorful flowers , small handcraft shops ,different restaurants, swans dancing  in the water passing from east to the west, people telling stories of love,  kind people, and  many many happy  smiles. Happiness  it is exactly what I felt when I went out with my group at Lincoln. Finding  real friends was a dream of my life —————- keeping real friends now is a role of my life

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SAM_2162 SAM_2586

ITP 2014 you are all mine with love Balsam Shakal / Sudan