Exciting Day Trip to Leicester University – Nevine’s Mini ITP!

Emma & me on the University Campus

Emma & me on the University Campus

Hello everybody, I am Nevine Nizar- ITP alumna 2012.  At the end of September I returned to London to learn and to gain experience for my new role. Since graduating from the ITP I have been in a process of changing practices at my work and communicating my learning widely to large numbers of museum staff and heritage sectors in Egypt.

Through this unique experience, I was able to apply the training and knowledge I had built up from the ITP to my academic career. Currently I have a new role as a university lecturer teaching a Museology module for Heritage MA students in Cairo.

Fortunately, I have had a great opportunity from the ITP for further training: “Train the Trainer” to achieve higher standards in delivering effective learning processes, with many interesting sessions and workshops on training cycles and learning styles.

It was so lovely to see Claire and Emma and to re-connect with the AES Department, who welcomed me warmly. I was very happy to see them all again.

The most exciting part of my “Mini-ITP 2015” was having a day trip with Emma to Leicester University, the top university for Museum Studies in the UK.  It was a fantastic experience to meet the university professors, visit the Library, and see some of the actual exhibition projects delivered by master and PhD students themselves.

Exhibition project: "Beat Language"

Exhibition project: “Beat Language”

We had a wonderful talk and lunch meeting with one of the university professors- Dr. Viv Golding and her lovely daughter about the wide aspects of Museology and the role of the ITP in improving cultural dialogue.

Emma, me, Dr Viv & her daughter having lunch in an Indian restaurant

Emma, me, Dr Vivian Golding & her daughter at an Indian restaurant for lunch!

During the day, me & Emma had the chance to visit Leicester Cathedral to explore the tomb of England’s king “King Richard III” and the stories themed around his life, death and rediscovery.

After having a nice afternoon tea, we walked down through the city and a had a quick visit to the Egyptian collection at  “New Walk Museum”  with special displays for children to help them to understand how ancient people lived.

Part of the Egyptian collection display at New Walk Museum

Part of the Egyptian collection display at New Walk Museum

It was such an exciting day and fruitful training full of great memories and lovely friends that made me more passionate about the ITP and very thankful to be part of it.

My sincere appreciation to Claire & Emma for this reward.