ITP Reports 2015 – Part 5: Kurdistan, Armenia and Palestine

This week’s ITP reports come from a group of participants who all spent time in the Middle East department during the 2015 ITP.

Although from different countries and cultures, they all shared leadership skills and a keen understanding of current issues and debates in cultural heritage. They brought fresh perspectives to the group and made great bonds with their colleagues!

From Kurdistan, Armenia and Palestine we are happy to present the reports of:

Bahra Salih Abdulrahman, Archaeologist, Slemani Museum, Kurdistan

Davit Poghosyan, Lecturer and Researcher, Armenian State Pedagogical University and Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum-Reserves

Saad Amira, Research Assistant, Palestinian Museum

We’ll be sharing our final sets of reports in the coming weeks, finishing off with the unique and diverse reflections of participants from countries new for 2016. Watch this space!