Dresden Fellowships 2016 – call for applications!

We are delighted to announce that applications for the 2016 Research Fellowship at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD) are now open to all past participants of the British Museum’s International Training Programme.

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden are one of the oldest and largest museum organizations in Germany, overseeing no fewer than fourteen well-established and renowned museums. Their diverse collections are divided between art and ethnography, with a great deal of research possibilities for the right candidate.

Previous fellows have included Sun Yue (China, ITP 2010) Antonio Ntimbanga (Mozambique, ITP 2009), Constantinos Vasiliadis (Greece, ITP 2014) and Ayman Al-Shweiki (Palestine, ITP 2012).

What is the research fellowship in Dresden?
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD) share the interests of the British Museum (BM) in cultural heritage. Like the collections of the BM, the collections of the SKD are manifold and their history shows an early fascination and appreciation for cultures, art and objects from around the globe which has lasted until today. During previous centuries objects in the collections based in Dresden and in Leipzig have been studied, examined and recorded mostly from a European angle. However, to assess the meaning of the works of art and objects in their entirety, it is necessary to open up to new perspectives. It is therefore important to ask scholars from all over the world to share their points of view and their experience.

The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden would like to bring together colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and encourage an exchange of ideas between them. The encounter of professionals from Dresden or Leipzig in Germany with their counterparts from other countries and their discussions on collections for which they have a common interest could bring new insights for both sides.

Therefore they are very happy to offer one fully funded research fellowship in Dresden and Leipzig to former participants of the British Museum’s International Training Program (ITP). The museums have selected a variety of projects for fellows to join during their stay in Dresden or Leipzig.

Research projects available in 2016 include:

EXPANDING HORIZONS – Tracing heavenly machines from the Arab Islamic World

ARTFUL AMBASSADORS – Exhibition Project: Organizational Assistance

ARTFUL AMBASSADORS – Exhibition Project: East Asian Art and Culture

ARTFUL AMBASSADORS – Exhibition Project: Latin American Art and Culture

ARTFUL AMBASSADORS – Exhibition Project: Indian Art and Culture

MEMORIES OF THE FOREST – Oroqen, Sub-arctic Hunter-and-Gatherers of China

PHILIPPINES – Traces of ethnic living in late 19th century

INDONESIA – Javanese culture

Details of each project can be found in the “Projects 2016” document included.

To apply for this wonderful opportunity, please send the following to Claire or Emma at itp@britishmuseum.org by 8 April 2016:

Your CV

A completed application form

A completed questionnaire on the project and your professional and personal interests

Permission of your institution to travel for the fellowship for a period between six weeks and up to three months

A scan of the personal details page of your passport

For further details on the SKD and the fellowship, please refer to the documents included here. Feel free to email us at itp@britishmuseum.org with any questions, and Good Luck!

Application Documents:

Call for Applications

Projects 2016

Application Form

Questionnaire – project, professional and personal interests