ITP 2015 – one year on

ITP .. we miss you!

Wesam Mohamed, MSA, Egypt and the fellows of the 2015 ITP


2015 ITPers

It has been a year since we left London!

Although we were so happy to see our families again, it was also emotional to leave all those great memories behind.



Some gifts from our neighbours in Schafer House!

Every day we enjoyed meeting together at 8:45 am at the information desk, having valuable lectures and tours inside the museum. The excursion days inside and outside London were also very enjoyable and interesting. The professional benefits of the ITP exceeded our expectations, and the personal connections gave us happiness then and became good memories up until now.

The unforgettable moments we had are the best proof that the ITP team did not miss anything. All the details were very carefully planned and organized. Many thanks to all those who contributed to this exceptional programmme. We really had a great time!


Bilwa Kulkarni and Wesam Mohamed at the Roman Baths

Today, every time we see photos or posts for the ITP 2016, we remember all the great things we did and the funny stories we went through. During our stay in the UK we met wonderful people who will be in our minds forever. Many of us have participated in other international training programmes, but the atmosphere created by the ITP team provides the participants with a special feeling of being among family. It’s really great how this team is working for keeping connections with past participants, and this is what makes the ITP a different experience.


Ebru Esra Satici, Bahra Saleh, Heba Omar, Vasundhra Sangwan and Davit Pghosyan at London Eye

Some of us had the chance to meet again; some others may get the luck to meet in the future. However, last year we were the latest ITPers, but now we are part of the big family of ITP Alumni.

From all the ITPers 2015: We miss the British Museum .. We miss the ITP!


Fatma Ali, Omima Abd El-Rahman, Wesam Mohamed, Heba Omar and Amal Attiya at the Natural History Museum

“I miss the free time we spend together while we were in London” … Mohamed Mokhtar, Egypt

“I miss all friends” … Omima Abd El-Rahman, Sudan

“I miss Schafer House” … Abdulaziz Al Amri, Saudi Arabia

“I miss all of my dear friends. I hope to stay friends forever and hope to see each other again” … Bahra Saleh, Kurdistan

“I miss all of you, specially the free time I spent with my dear friends Wesam and Mohamed” … Fatma Ali, Egypt

“I miss meeting you at the information desk every morning at 8:45am” Ebru Esra Satici, Turkey

“I miss running inside the museum everyday and never see everything, being lost and calling Mohamed for help, and gathering in front of the Schafer House for going out together” … Wesam Mohamed, Egypt   

“Six weeks freedom in London with people from all over the world, this is what I miss. Most- hope to find a chance to meet again” Esther Solomon