ITP Collaborative Awards – Applications OPEN

Emma Croft
ITP Coordinator

We are excited to announce that applications for ITP Collaborative Awards are now open!

ITP Collaborative Awards are a series of small grants, open only to past fellows of the International Training Programme (2006 to present), UK or Programme Partner Museums and British Museum staff who successfully propose a group project, co-managed by ITP alumni, which takes advantage of ITP networks. Each award seeks to result in measurable outcomes with significant, meaningful impact on one or several institutions across our global network.

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Fellows of the British Museum’s International Training Programme, UK Partner museums, Programme Partners and British Museum staff members are eligible to apply for a Collaborative Award, with the lead (or co-lead) applicant having to be an ITP Fellow.

Collaborations which highlight UK Partner or Programme Partner involvement, in development and delivery, are encouraged.

The awards

We will offer a number of Collaborative Awards each year. These are scaled to support smaller and larger projects.

  • 2 x ITP “Incubator Award”: GBP £2,000 each

To support small-scale projects co-managed by fellows from at least two countries, or a fellow or group of fellows collaborating with at least one UK Partner museum or British Museum colleague, to be realised over 1 year.

  • 1 x ITP “Project Award”: GBP £10,000

For major collaborations, co-managed by alumni from 2 or more countries, to be delivered within 2 years. This must include the involvement of at least one UK partner museum or one British Museum colleague.

For 2016-2017, there will be an additional award of GBP £5000 supported by BP to fund an exhibition or display based project, to be realised over 1 year.

Applicants can make a request for all or part of the amount awarded in each grant band, up to the maximum amounts indicated above.


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Aims and objectives

Through these collaborative awards we hope to:

  • Sustain and grow connections between the British Museum and other museums internationally
  • Foster partnerships between fellows from different countries and institutions
  • Support collaborations involving ITP UK partner museums, programme partners and British Museum staff
  • Offer opportunities for enhancing the British Museum’s, UK partners’ and international institutions’ body of knowledge and their offer to the public
  • Spur creativity, fresh ideas and innovative solutions for the global museum sector from our network
  • Financially support fellow-led ideas and projects
  • Provide measurable achievements reflective of the ITP’s mission to develop a sustainable global network of inspired museum and heritage professionals, through sharing knowledge, skills and experiences
  • Support the Museum’s International Strategy by increasing its visibility in global heritage sectors, while also enhancing international opportunities for UK and global institutions that form part of the ITP network
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To Apply

  • Please read through the full information document. This includes full eligibility, assessment criteria, terms and conditions, possible projects and more information on the grant process.
  • Search through our new ITP alumni database, available on Dropbox: , for potential partners and project ideas.
  • Project teams must complete a project proposal and return this by the deadline each year. For 2016 the deadline is 31 December 2016.

We look forward to receiving your applications – and if you have any questions about any aspect of the grant process or regarding your project ideas, please do not hesitate to contact