Photographers photographing ‘photographers’

This image was taken of Shi Wanghuan (ITP 2016) from Arts Exhibitions China while at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Ten days of the programme are spent at one of seven UK partner museums which provides a unique perspective on the management of these institutions.

Jo Fernandes, Senior Photographer and Rebecca Horton, International Training Programme Assistant

The British Museum’s intranet page provides colleagues with a centre to share everything from exciting updates to useful documents. A ‘Spotlight On’ feature gives staff a burst of information about British Museum projects.

The ITP 2016 Summer Programme was photographed by Jordi Clopes and Jo Fernandes. Jo had only recently taken on the role of Senior Photographer in the Photography and Imaging Department at the British Museum when the Summer Programme began. Jo wrote about photographing the ITP for the Spotlight On column…

Photographers photographing ‘photographers’

‘I joined the Photography & Imaging team in July 2016 and I’m very pleased to be the latest addition to the team and the first for 20 years!

My arrival coincided with the start of the 2016 International Training Programme which offers global museum employees the opportunity to gain insight into culture and heritage practices within the UK. Consequently, my first assignment involved providing photographic coverage of the scheduled training sessions.

It was a great experience to be involved with the ITP and to meet museum professionals from all over the world in my first few weeks.

Jo Fernandes, Senior Photographer’

The ITP is supported by British Museum colleagues throughout the year.  Many of the photographs given to 2016 ITP fellows and partner museums, and used in ITP reports and official documents were taken by Jo. These images have provided the ITP team with an amazing selection of images to use in future publications and documentation, and to remember the summer with.