ITP Mentoring – goodbye from the WPI!

The student team from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute gave their final presentation on the ITP mentoring scheme to colleagues last week before heading back home. They’d like to say goodbye and thank everyone involved in the project!


During the final presentation on the ITP mentoring scheem

Hello ITPers,

We are very sad to say that this is our last blog post to all of you. Our time in London has come to an end, but the lessons we learned and the people we met in this wonderful country will stay with us forever.

We are also very happy to report that the mentoring scheme is in a great place. We have completed the handbook and the training materials that you will use in your one-week course to become mentors. We have left the materials and project recommendations to Emma, Becca, and Claire. We hope to see some of you become mentors in the next year or two, and we hope that you enjoy the courses we have helped set up.

Now, for the sad part of the blog. The goodbyes. First, to the ITP team: we cannot thank you enough for all your support and guidance throughout this project. It has been our pleasure and privilege to get to know you and contribute to the wonderful programme that is the ITP. Coming from a science and engineering-focused school, it was amazing to have a break and learn about the British Museum and how the ITP is teaching people from all around the world. We hope you like our materials for the mentors, and we all look forward to seeing the scheme in action soon!

Of course, we could not have completed this project without the help of the ITP alumni. Your dedication to interviewing with us and filling out our survey was the most important part of our project. Your suggestions shaped the materials we built, and we hope you find them both informative and useful in your role as a mentor. Thank you very much!

We wish you all the best in your careers and future ITP endeavours. And if any of you ever come to visit America, come to Worcester, Massachusetts and say hello! We have a lovely art museum, and Patrick lives right across the street! 🙂

Amanda, Juan, Miguel and Patrick.