A Dynamic Blog is a Happy Blog

Hi everyone,

You might have noticed we’ve been very prolific on the blog over the last couple of weeks!

We are injecting some extra energy into the ITP blog with some new regular features:

A Year On From: reflections from fellows one year after taking part in an aspect of the programme (summer programme, conference, ITP+…)

Catching Up With: an opportunity to hear from people you met through the ITP: your BM department representatives, senior fellows, UK partners…

International Days: posts on various international observance days that are relevant to our work in the museum sector, sometimes written by BM staff, sometimes by fellows

Out & About: news from programme partner museums in London and beyond that you may have visited during your ITP course, as we – Claire, Becca and Jess – attend private views and events around the city

We know from the insights you provided us with the survey you completed for us at the end of last year that you’d like to hear more about the UK and programme partners on the blog – we’re listening!

Let us know if you would like to write on how your museum is tackling one of the themes of an upcoming international day, or if you’d like to write an ‘Out & About’ on interesting museum initiatives and events in your city. As ever, engagement from you, the fellows, is what gives the blog life!