WPI students: week 2 at the British Museum

Hey everybody!

Since arriving at the British Museum, we have attended the weekly morning staff talks, which feature a British Museum speaker as well as an assortment of pastries (we highly recommend the cinnamon rolls). In our first week Gaye Sculthorpe, curator of Oceania in the Africa, Oceania and the Americas department, discussed her research into indigenous Australian collections found in regional UK museums. She discussed the importance of documenting these collections and increasing awareness of these objects existence and location because Australia’s own large collection was lost in a fire in 1882. Gaye Sculthorpe’s hope is to ultimately create a database which will increase the access of indigenous Australians to their history.

This week’s speaker was British Museum Trustee, Cheryl Carolus, who discussed some of the difficulties encountered in preserving objects of importance in South Africa. She also acknowledged the discussions and debate surrounding the decision-making behind organisations hosting certain objects.


We enjoyed the British Museum’s current exhibition Living with god’s peoples, places and worlds beyond. It was fascinating to see how religion has played such a key role throughout history across many vastly different cultures.  Working at the British Museum has given all of us a new appreciation for the work that goes into the displays and overall museum experience for visitors.

Outside of the Museum, on Monday Ryan went to see West-end show “Kinky Boots”, and we are sure you will have a laugh at the accompanying photo!


Besides raunchy plays, the group has enjoyed the recent warmer weather, and plans to explore beyond London this weekend. Jess is travelling to Worcester (in the UK) to visit university colleagues and friends who are working on a project similar to ours. Sarah is traveling to Bath to view the ancient Roman aqueducts and hot spring-fed baths with members of another group. Ryan will be exploring Camden Town, other culturally-rich areas in London and the Tate Modern. Ryan recently made plans to travel to Paris and Geneva with his best friend after the completion of our project.

Where would you recommend traveling to in the UK and abroad?

Edward, Jess, Ryan, and Sarah