Shadia Abdrabo (ITP 2006, Sudan): Road to Reconciliation update

Shadia Abdrabo (ITP 2006, Sudan) Curator, Sudan National Museum

I am excited to share my experience of Uganda, where I participated in the preparatory meeting of the Road to Reconciliation project, with ITP fellows from Kenya and Uganda.

From 4th – 8th Feb, at Uganda National Museum, I was able to reflect on the project that will ultimately produce an exhibition around the stories of South Sudanese refugees in Northern Ugandan camps.

This project reflects how the ITP is a sustainable network; fellows from different countries and years are applying skills learnt from the summer programme together. The meeting was collaborative and we all supported each other in terms of sharing ideas, drawing up project goals and outputs, and identify roles and responsibilities. I also contributed by giving a presentation on the history and rich cultural diversity of southern Sudan. The workshop gave me a new experience in developing approaches to community exhibitions and I learnt from Abiti Nelson (ITP 2013, Uganda) and Wendland Chole Kiziili’s (ITP 2013, Kenya) past experiences.


Shadia during the Road to Reconciliation workshop

It was an amazing experience to meet with Dr. John Giblin from the British Museum’s African section. Previously I worked with staff from the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, so it was nice to work with a colleague from the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas.  I found it very interesting to discuss various issues in Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Africa with members of the project.

On a personal note the experience was a good opportunity to work on a project with my colleagues from African museums (Uganda, Kenya) who have participated in ITP’s Summer Programme. I also loved  the displays in Uganda museum, which focus on lots of different subjects.

Shadia at tour of milk exhibition.jpg

Shadia on a tour of the Milk exhibition at Uganda National Museum

An essential point I would like to make about this collaborative project is the promotion of the key message of peaceful and reconciliation efforts. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project.