WPI update: exploring Natural History and Science Museums…

Late last week, our group visited the SUPERBUGS exhibit at the Science Museum in London. This exhibit delved into the subject of drug-resistant pathogens. While antibiotics and other forms of medication make us healthier when we are sick, they also force pathogens to become stronger. As such, there are several what are known as “superbugs” which are almost completely incurable by modern medicine. The exhibit focused on not only what caused these super bugs, but also what the medical field is doing to prevent their spread and increasing strength. Additionally, while at the Science Museum, our team explored many other exhibits, our favorites included some early examples of calculators, and their exhibits on planes (especially the engines).



This week we visited the Museum of Natural History and saw the Venom, Killer and Cure exhibit. We learned about several species of animals that used venom, from tiny venomous ants to the largest terrestrial venomous creature the komodo dragon. The exhibit showcased the damaging effects of venom to humans, including a man who was bitten by a snake and a woman who was attacked by bees. The exhibit also described the history of the use of venom in medicine to create anti-venoms and synthesize different life saving medication like heart medication to lower blood pressure. The contrast between venom’s role as a deadly toxin, versus its usage in modern medicine was interesting. It was a very informative and interesting exhibition. Other exhibits our team enjoyed included the dinosaur collection, the blue whale skeleton, the collection of precious stones, and the hands-on learning opportunities.


We now have a four day break for the Easter holiday. Jess will be going to Dublin, Ireland, Sarah will be visiting Berlin, Germany, and Ryan and Edward will be exploring more of the UK. Jess will be traveling with other WPI students who are working on different projects within England. She is looking forward to catching up with friends and seeing Kilmainham Gaol. Sarah loves history, especially the World War II era, and anticipates visiting many sites in Berlin and the surrounding area. Ryan has plans to visit the V&A Museum, Camden Town, and to find some running trails at some of London’s biggest parks. Ryan is also searching for good Thai and Indian food and other great restaurants in London! Edward plans to explore his love of aviation and visit the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum and the Brooklands Museum. He will also be exploring the city of Cambridge. We hope you all have nice weekends too!