Training Seminar on Heritage & Conflict: Jasper Chalcraft

Executive Training Seminar
Working with Heritage and Conflict
14-16 November 2018

Many of you will remember the fascinating sessions on Cultural Heritage & Peace-building given by Jasper Chalcraft as part of your ITP summer programme.

For the past year, Jasper has been based in Italy at the European University Institute.  Working with colleagues in the sector, he will be delivering an Executive Training Seminar next month for those working with heritage and conflict.

The Seminar will explore the contexts of difficult and contested heritage, and how cultural professionals can best work within them. The training will use expert instructors who cover both best practices and unresolved ongoing cases to highlight the range of challenges faced by the heritage sector. Emphasis will be given to exploring how practical strategies and programmes of reconciliation can be built between countries, institutions and antagonistic communities.

If you’d like to know more about this opportunity please see the document attached here.