ITP Newsletter – Your Collection in Focus!

Written by Claire Messenger, International Training Programme Manager

Dear ITPers,

I wanted to thank those of you who have submitted fantastic and fascinating articles for this year’s ITP Newsletter – our 6th issue – which this year will focus on digital engagement and is being guest edited by Andrea Terron, Guatemala (ITP Senior Fellow 2018).

The deadline for posts was the end of January and Becca, Jess and I have today been looking through your submissions. It is lovely to see such a variety of creative and inspiring ideas from both new and existing contributors.

The only section that didn’t get as many submissions this year is Your Collection in Focus, which asked for approximately 200 words “highlighting an object in your museum/gallery that you think has potential for engaging digitally in an exciting way with a new audience or could be the focus for re-connecting with a local or global community”. So I wanted to put out one final call – just for this section.

Remember, you don’t need to write specifically about a current or planned digital project: this section is entirely object-focused, so it can simply be your ideas around an object in your collection that you believe has the ability to connect online with new or existing audiences. You might want to think about a single object that could tell an interesting story and would make a wonderful digital Object in Focus exhibition. You could consider an Object of the Month section for your website and discuss which object you would choose and why. Or you might simply chose an object Spotlight that you have showcased – or could showcase – on Instagram or another social media platform, and tell us why and how.

If you’d like to submit something please send me just 200 words and an image of the object (with caption) by Monday 11th February.